November 28, 2007

Leslie had Candy and I will soon!

Leslie is giving away some great blog candy. Check it out. LESLIE'S CANDY

I won some "pay it forward" blog candy from Traci and I will be giving it away soon. I want to find something great to give you to celebrate my first blog candy.

Okay, pictures of great projects coming soon!

November 21, 2007

I obviously haven't been blogging!!

Well, I just haven't been blogging. But, I have been busy. I did a craft show and it was very successful. That was so fun. I made a ton of sales. I sold cards, big canister jars with a ribbon and stamped label on them, ceramic tiles for coasters and framed stamped art. It was my first show and it went well.

But, I haven't been on much and wanted to blog and post some pictures. School is going well. Better than the past couple year actually.

My mom is here in Houston for Thanksgiving. Her first time at my house for a holiday and it is great. It is only her second one away from her mama though. ;) We are having some other friends over that don't have family in town.

Well, here are a few pictures of what I've been up to!
I love the wanted set and the outlaw
paper from Stampin' Up. I have created some cards on my own and some are shamelessly copied. The sage happy birthday card is so popular with ladies that have come to classes. They are wonderful for masculine birthdays.

I have made more cards but realized I haven't taken many pictures. So, I'll do that and try to post a few more.