August 18, 2007

I Did It! But I'm gonna need your help!

Well, today I joined Weight Watchers, again. In January Brett and I started together online and I lost 18 pounds by March. Then life just ran me over, I got discouraged and quit. Brett lost 20 and made his goal. I was so proud of him. He had never dieted before but marriage had added a little something to his middle and so he had an interesting lesson and feels like he can definately relate more to my struggle now.

So, today he went with me to a meeting in our area and I signed up. I am ready. I know I need to do this for my physical and mental health. But, oddly, I was depressed all day! I read and slept and crafted and moped around. But, I didn't go over my points and I am having the last of my water right now! I can do this! I should set a New Year's Resolution - but backwards! Set a goal of where I plan to be by New Year's Day! That is a little over 4 months. Hmmm....I'll pray about that.

What is everyone's weakness? I almost have to fast from sugar when I start a diet or I just want to cram in the sweet things. I also LOVE pizza. We are a pizza eatin' family...that's for sure!
So, wish me luck and ask how it is going every now and then. I could use your support. My first goal is 10% off and when I make that I'll be at pre-baby weight (I had lost 50 right before I got pregnant but have put some back on).

But, I did make cards too yesterday and today and here they are. This couldn't all be about me, me, me. Well I guess it can, it is my blog after all! :)

The green wild wasabi card is with the "you make me happy" set that didn't make the 2007 winter catalog. That didn't make me happy! And the sunflowers are from "Give Thanks", the same set the pumpkin was from in the previous post. I masked the flowers because it is just a single stem. I used the cropodile for the eyelets. I love that thing! I love eyelets but never set them because I hated the pounding, this is a great tool. I watercolored the sunflowers with a watercolor brush and watercolor paper. The paper is new for me, I usually just use regular paper but I really liked the difference. The ribbon charm was from big lots and says "inspiration". I chose it because I am a Kansas girl originally and love sunflowers. The green ribbon is from Doodlidoo. It perfectly matches the always artichoke paper.

Tonight I worked on some cute containers for my co-workers as we head back to school next week. I haven't finished them completely so I'll post later.
So, I'll see you later. Pray for those affected by Hurricane Dean and we'll keep an eye out for him here in Houston.
Love inked in Stazon......Amy


  1. Just want to say "good luck". It is soo hard to lose weight! I am struggling now with that issue. Be strong.

  2. Hey girly!! I'm proud of you for stepping in there and committing to losing again. You can do this!! You are stronger then that evil sugar. I need to get back on that ol' band wagon myself.

    Question: Did you mean "I am David"? I couldn't find "My name is David", but we've seen "I am David". Very good movie.

  3. Forgot to mention, love your recent cards!! Give thanks and you make me happy are two of my faves too. I morned when they didn't put happy in the catty too. I made my last card set with it and adore that little dragonfly. Have a wonderful first week of school.

  4. Good for you in joining WW!! I have just come to the realization that I have to make some changes to get control over my own weight.

    I will certainly keep you and the folks in pathway of Dean in my prayers tonight.

    Beautiful cards--You have inspired me to bring "Give Thanks" back out!!

  5. Your cards today are beautiful!

    I struggle with my weight too, lose and gain all my life. It's frustrating and discouraging sometimes, I've been trying to excercise lately. I've told myself I just have to "move" for 30 minutes each day. I feel better when i do...

  6. Amy:

    My weight watchers starts in a couple of weeks - I'll check in on your progress.

    I nominated you for Nice Matters and Thinking Blogger awards!

  7. I love sunflowers too! I love that card. I'll come watch Zoe so you can stamp, stamp, stamp.....
    you know you can do anything you set your mind to, you always have.
    Love, Mom

  8. Hi Amy...thanks for visiting my blog recently! I am tracing your post back here so I can return the favor and what do I read? You are a WW! Coincidentally...I just rejoined, doing Core, and am in my second week of program! We can cheer each other on...okay? Good luck!

  9. What cute cards!! Good luck on your WW! It's hard, but worth it! :)

  10. I miss you and your stuff girl! Hope everything is okay! Can't wait till you're back again!