July 16, 2007

Squished Pennies

I have had a squished penny collection for years. I decided I would start one for Zoe too. I actually found a penny book for a collection at the Zoo we went to in Decatur, Illinois last week while we were visiting. I had free time while at my mother in law's and worked on a scrapbook most of the time but decided to fix up the penny book for Zoe. I used basicgray papers from the "perhaps" collection. I also used some basicgray fuzzy green ric rac. The "Z" is a chipboard piece from the a little scrapbook place in Decatur called "2 Scrappy Cats". I loved looking around there. I haven't found a LSS near me yet. So, here are pictures of my little project. I am proud of it. The papers inside the book are removable so that I can make a note of when we went and who was there.
I'm glad to be home even though our trip was FABULOUS. Zoe is still in Illinois with Gramma until Friday. I am trying to keep busy. I have never been without her before. It is challenging. I know she probably could care less but it has been hard for me. I have lots of things to post and will have to get back to this. Right now I am headed out to play Bingo with my friend Jen. Maybe I'll win the big bucks!!


  1. I love this (of course, I love squished pennies!)...

  2. Wow, they are beautiful and a lovely idea :o)