July 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby!

Well, tomorrow is Brett's birthday. With Zoe out of town we are going to see a couple of movies and go eat dinner. I miss her but spending time with Brett has sure been nice. He is really a wonderful husband and I'm not just saying that for his birthday. He loves me and makes me his princess. He works hard and is an amazing daddy. He is an incredible Man of God and is so knowledgeable about the Bible. He loves to read it and books about it. I love him so much and I know he is doing all he can to see our family get to Heaven.

We are having a little get together on Saturday for Brett. His mom, sister and nephew will be in town. They are bringing Zoe back! We are inviting friends to go and see a movie with us at a theater that serves dinner while you watch the movie. It is a fun place. We are going to see Harry Potter. These are the invitations I made. I got the layout from some one's blog. If it is you let me know. I'd love to give you credit!

I signed up to be a demonstrator for Stampin' Up and got my box yesterday. I felt scared to open it and haven't yet. I am going to do that as soon as I post this. Then I am going to plan an open house workshop.

I can't believe I posted two days in a row! I'll try again tomorrow!

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