May 15, 2007

Mother's Day Card from Brett

I have to share the wonderful card I received for Mother's Day. Brett made it himself. He cuttlebuged, cropped, glued, stamped and even used ribbon. I was so impressed. It just makes me really happy that he made me something that he knows I love. I really am a lucky woman. He used certainly celery paper, cranberry crisp ink, sentiments from love matters, and seeing spots. He likes cards that have something in them and so he did a lot of great work inside. He always wonders why my cards are blank.

He got up with the baby and helped her get ready for church. He took me to lunch but Zoe was so grumpy that we had to take it to go! The joy of eating out with infants, right?

I was able to go and get a massage and take a nap. Our neighbor's, Candy and Elias, invited us over for a barbaque so I dinner was taken care of too. It was great. Candy is also Zoe's babysitter and so Zoe had a great time over there.

I love being a mom and I am so blessed with a terrific husband. I love being his helper. Zoe is just the best little thing ever. Nothing beats this mommy business. :)


  1. Found your link while reading comments at Oodabug Alley...
    I love this!!! My husband also sneaks into my stamp room to make me birthday, anny, Valentines Day cards, etc! I love seeing what he comes up with and you definitely know that he put some thought into it!!! Way better than a store bought card, wouldn't you say?!!

  2. What a great hubby! That is tooo sweet!

  3. He's a definent keeper Amy!! That was so thoughtful of him. Way to go Brett!! David's doing the bowing I'm not worthy motions. I know that has got to be the best encouragement for him to do that for you. Give him a proud pat on the back from us.

  4. Amy,
    Tracy gave me the link to your blog. Just wanted to say that I'll be visiting from time to time!
    Love to see all the pictures of Zoe and your creations!
    Take care,

  5. Awe...that's so sweet!! My hubby bought me one this time, but he did make me one for Valentine's day :) To answer your question about my trees card...yes, it is/was Stampin' Up! I don't know though if it is current or not? I got it for free. I originally had a set of 8 I think, but I just got 4 of them (?) Came with a cute flower stamp too! Anyway, glad you had a great Mother's Day!!