May 27, 2007

Julie Payed it Forward!

Julie B. from Paper Pleasing Ideas had a blog candy give away and I won!
<-----This is what I won.
I was so happy. It is really cool. It is a card keeper kit. It will make a little notebook with plastic photo album type pages that will hold cards. It will be really cute!

It is officially summer for me and I am planning to spend time crafting each week, hopefully a couple of times. I am headed to San Antonio for a couple of days with my Brett and Zoe and our friends the Rodgers. We are going to hang out and go to Fiesta Texas (six flags). It is our first "vacation with friends" since we've been married. Isn't that fun?

Anyhoo, when I get back I can't wait to make my card keeper and make some cards. I haven't made ANYTHING in the past couple weeks. With school winding down I have been swamped. I want to make a huge supply of birthday cards this summer and maybe get started on Christmas cards. I have lots of cards from other blogs that I want to copy! :)

Hope everyone's summer kicks off well! See you soon!


  1. Thanks for the peek into you world. You make lovely cards! I've actually started making Christmascards in january, and I'm making five Christmascards each month. Hopefully thats going to releve me of some stress i december.But when it comes to greetingcards I never seem to have enought.
    Have a nice day! Greetings from Norway

  2. Congrats! That's so cool that you won. Have a fun and safe trip

  3. Congrats on your win. What great candy to win too.

  4. YEa! for you! I'm offering some mini candy as well..check it out!