April 17, 2007

A New Set and a Challenge

I have wanted the "Best of cluck" set for a long time and finally broke down and ordered it. I was excited to ink it up and thought the color challenge was good for the set and decided to do the sketch challenge with it too. So, here was my card. I used some patterned paper that has a crackled paint look that is basically the same color as the sage. I tried two things. On the first card I used bleach to make the chicken feet prints on the black strip. It worked okay but you really have to look for them. When I made the second card a bit later I was doin' the exact same one but the bleach would not leave a mark on the paper. Isn't that strange? I am not sure what happened so I finally just stamped the prints in white. I liked the bleach better but it wasn't a very bold image. Okay, that's it for today. I had lots of posts but I post when I have time. I'm not an everyday girl like some of you bloggers out there!!

Hope all is well with everyone. I have been okay. I've had a weird pain in my side/back for over a week. I kept thinking it was just a muscle pain and it would go away so I haven't gone to the doctor but I guess I need to go. Then also last week I was driving home from work and my tooth chipped. Isn't that dumb? I didn't even do anything...a piece just fell off. I think it had chipped years ago and been fixed. It must have just been weak. Oh well. Something else to spend money on besides back property taxes we owe from a re-assessment of our property. Such drama. But, God is good. He always provides. I never go hungry, I have clothes and a home. Money to stamp and money to travel to see mom and mom in law. So, this too shall work out...right? Right!

See you soon!


  1. Cute chick card!! And wow four posts in one day. You've been holding back on us girly. lol

    Sorry to hear your back has been hurting you. GO SEE THE DOC!! Don't mess around, it may be something they can remedy quickly. And if you don't go it could get worse. Take it from someone who procrastinates in this area, your health is vitally important. Take care of you so you can take care of your family and your students. Okay, enough finger wagging, prayers lifted and loving you! Let me know how it goes okay, don't make me worry, alright. Sending healthy peaceful prayers your way.

  2. Well hello!! Long time no talk! Other than your achy-breaky back you sound like you're doin alright. School's almost out again! whoa! Seems like it went by just way too quickly. Trying to prepare for school and all. And trying to get out of high school at the same time. ha! I'll be sending your graduation announcement by the begining of next week. This is all very exciting for me. Student Council state this weekend. Same weekend as prom. That should be fun-lol. I finally joined your little blog world. You should feel very important. lol.. I don't do it often, and when I do it's usually to vent about how stressed I am, or talk about how great Casey is. Not very interesting. Think about you and Brett alot. How's the beautiful baby? Hope to hear from you soon! Blessings!
    XoXo Natasha Lee

    ps- sorry about your tooth-i'll see if i can call in a favor to the tooth fairy. ;)

  3. Cute card, I really like the "Best of Cluck" set and you did a great job on the card. Alittle hint on bleach. It can't set out for any length of time. It loses it strength. I've had trouble with bleaching out certain papers. You never know.
    Say HI to Zoe for me.
    From another Zoe

  4. Adorable card!! Hope you are feeling better soon.

  5. Cute card@ I hope you are feeling better. I know at times things can just go all wrong, but in the end it always gets better. hugs always