April 2, 2007

bunco score card

Hi! I haven't posted in awhile but I have had a lot of fun things to share. I only have a bit of time today before I need to feed Zoe and leave for my stampin' group but I wanted to at least get one post in.

Two weeks ago I had bunco. It is such a fun game and I am part of agreat group. For the bunco score cards this month I wanted to make something special and made up these card fronts. The score card is pasted on the back. I borrowed the dice stamp from my friend Evie and I'm not sure who makes it. The round sentiment, thanking the ladies for all they give to the group, is from the Riveting set by Stampin' Up and so is the sentiment, "I get by with a little help from my friends".

Our bunco group is such fun. Everyone needs some type of outlet to get out of the house and just laugh with friends. I have two nights a month that I do this, once for bunco and once for stampin'. Enjoy the card!


  1. Great card! I love that little dice stamp so cute!! AND BUNCO!! Boy does that bring back Amarillo memories... broken nails, great food, fuzzy dice, fun fun fun!! Okay I guess I'm feeling nastalgic today.

  2. That's a great bunco card!

    i found your blog while searching for bunco posts. I posted something today that you ladies might be interested:


    Happy New Year :)