March 8, 2007

The Party was Fabulous and It's Spring Break!!!

Well, the party went so well for Zoe's first birthday. There were ladybugs everywhere, real and decorated, and we had a full house. My mom and Brett's mom were both here. My cousins Andy and Kasi and her son Chase came from Dallas. There were at least 20 adults here for the party and lots of kids. We tried to make some great theme appropriate food but the most amazing food item was the cake. It was made by my fabulous friend Sarah. She has a business, Let There Be Cake, and I felt so lucky that she was willing to do a cake for me! I hardly wanted to cut it because it was so amazing.

We had some crafts for the older kids and LOTS of presents to open. Zoe has quite the Spring and Summer wardrobe to look forward to. She got the cutest dresses. She also got some really cool toys. A push/ride toy, stuffed friends, lots of great books, her first real babies (twins), counting maracas, a top, her first piggy bank and a college saving account. It was quite a day! I sent kids home with goody bags and a jar ladybugs and the moms got a notepad that I made. Overall I could not have done one thing without the amazing help from Brett the past few weeks and the hard work that our moms and my cousin Kasi pitched in while they were here. I will need a whole year just to recuperate and try to decide if I can do this again! If you'd like to see more pictures you can see our album at Kodak. Be prepared...there are like a 100 of them!

Spring Break is this week and I can't wait to do some stampin' and get some special 'mommy time' in with Zoe. Brett and I are hoping to have a special date while his mom is still here this weekend...I am finding it challenging to manage the balance of putting the marriage in front of raising kids but I know it is the way it must be done. I committed to praying for Brett everyday this month and that has been great. If you are interested in praying for your man let me know and I'll send you the document. Anywho...I have been longing for some time away from work and I have stampin' friends coming over and a trip to the children's museum planned and That's IT!
lots of love --- Amy


  1. Oh how sweet! Happy Birthday Zoe...she's just the cutest!!

  2. That cake is amazing! Such a sweet birthday girl photo too.