March 16, 2007

Delight in Life

I can not believe it is Thursday already! Where is this week going? It seriously feels like I just started this break and now it is closer to over! I haven't gone to the museum with Zoe or to the new Archiver's or cleaned under my sink, or gone to the laundry mat to wash the king size blanket or.....Oh Yeah, this is a BREAK!

That was just a little example of my brain and the message it repeats every few hours that I am home. Isn't it nuts? What is it about us that thinks we can't just chill out? Well, maybe it isn't "us" I am talking about and just me but man I have a really hard time no getting consumed with my To Do list. But, I have a hard time balancing. If I lean too far to the relaxing mode my house becomes so full of little piles of things that I don't even want to face it. I guess it is finding that balance that is the trick. I keep thinking that will happen when I get older...uh well Amy, You Are Older!! So, maybe it will happen when I get A Lot older! Hee hee!

Today had a spiritual lesson for me too. **Be sure Zoe gets good naps or you'll regret it!** Oh, that was a lesson for today but not the spiritual one! Tonight we had our small group Bible Talk and Brett shared a great scripture (actually my favorite scripture) Proverbs 3:5-6. But, we read it from the Message bible and it had a new impact for me. It says to trust God with my whole heart and not to try to figure it out on my own. Well, imagine that. Another scripture about trust and just following God's path, not my own. I guess I am getting the picture little by little!

Today I wanted to work with the Delight in Life set and I had this paper that I got in a kind of grab bag at Big Lots. I am not sure who makes the paper...maybe K and Company? But, I made 3 cards on the same theme. The patterned paper is a 12x12 that has 9 boxes on it. I just cut them out and made some square cards. I didn't like the orange at all at first but now I like it a lot better once I finished it up. After I had this made I thought about Wednesday at church and my friend Caroline was telling me to be happy and just look at the blessings in my loving husband, my beautiful daughter, my home, a job I enjoy. I guess there is a lot that I can truly delight in so this card was a good little sentiment for my week.

ETA: The dashes on the card are part of the patterned paper that looks like material with stitching. The paper was 12x12 and had 9 4x4 squares on it. I just cut out the squares.

See you soon!


  1. Boy those are bright and cheery, let me get my shades on!! lol
    I love the texture on them too.
    Nice work!!

  2. fun cards! i love square cards...and your choice of colors!

  3. okay, how did you make the dashes around the card? That really caught my eye. I just can't figuire it out. You stumped me!!

  4. I love these cards. :) I'm glad to have found your blog. (Or for you to have found mine... whatever)