March 13, 2007

The Break is Underway!

Well, Spring Break is underway. I am feeling a pull between all the things I can get done and really taking a break. Monday I took my mom-in-law to the airport and that was hard. After having her and my mom here for over a week it was so hard to say goodbye. I long to be closer to family. So, to cope, Zoe and I went shopping at JoAnne’s and Micheal’s. It was great fun to look around but we didn’t buy much. Tuesday the two ladies that first introduced me to stamping came over. Evie, Bernardine and I had such fun playing with our rubber toys and some cool new punches that Berardine had.

For our time I wanted to use this “Friends” stamp I’d had for awhile. I really love it but hadn’t known what to do with it. A while back I’d gotten a card in a swap that was a pull up card. I had liked it and wanted to use the layout. I have no idea who made the card but the swap was through Stampin’ Up Friends, a Yahoo group. But, mine did not turn out quite as well as I’d hoped. That is a tricky way to make a card! I don’t know that I will try to do it again. But, I really love the stamp and want to do something else with it.

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