March 14, 2007

Another day at Home

Well today, Ms. Fancy Pants (literally) and I had a fun day playing and laughing, napping and eating. She is such a joy and it is great to spend the day with her. She is almost always so happy and smiley. It is amazing what it feels like to see her just look up at me an grin just because she knows I'm there with her. Just because she is secure that she is taken care of.
During one of her little naps I decided to revisit the stamp I worked with yesterday because I wasn't in love with the card. I had gotten the stampendous "Montage Bouquet" stamp for my birthday and wanted to use it and came up with this card. I liked it so much better. It was really fun. I used liquid applique to puff up some detail on the flowers. I used miscellaneous ribbons for the top. I am a sucker for brown and pink and liked the color combo too. I used the SU markers to color the word and they are nice. Bernardine had WON some and I was so jealous. What lucky duck! I have used them before but have been too cheap to buy the whole set. I always just say I'll use blender pens and my ink and that will do, but, I now see I'd rather have the markers. If I decide to take the plunge and be a demo I'll have to get them.
This week was Women's Midweek at church and that was very encouraging. My friend Kristy lead the lesson about having gentle and quiet spirit and I don't know anyone that could have done it better. She had some great things to share. I have been really wack-o lately with my emotions and it was good to be around the women. I am not sure what is going on with me. With Zoe turning one and being weaned to milk was hard on me I think. Having the moms here was great but it is always hard when they go. But, I know these mood swings can't be all about that so I am looking in to it. Until then Brett will be on his toes and I should wear a sign, "Warning, may burst into tears any moment!" This week I am still trying to not feel guilty about the things I could be doing. But, I am taking care of me this week and hanging out with my baby and what could be a higher priority? Nothing I guess. As I was spewing all of my stressed out ideas onto Brett he showed me Psalm 46:10, "Be still and know that I am God." I need to do that more often. I have a difficult time with the "being still" part. So, these words that keep coming up that challenge me are gentle, quiet, still, trust. Hmmm, now that is some food for thought about my character! I guess I need to be more like Ms. Fancy Pants and just know I am taken care of and God is near. Maybe I should just look up and grin!
See you soon!

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  1. Oh I like your friends card! Very cool idea