March 21, 2007

The Google Reader

Okay, I have heard a few of you talk about Google reader. I tried it out and I am hooked. It is EASY to set up but took a little time. After you get the reader set up visit a site you would like to "subscribe to" and copy the address from the address bar. In reader click the green "add subscription" button and paste the address. Once it pops up click the "mark all as read button at the top of the posts it shows. You can add as many as you want.

Why is it better?
1. You won't get so many emails from feed blitz (some sites come lumped together and some as individual updates and this creates lots of email)
2. They update immediately and show when there are new posts.
3. You can see all that you are subscribed to all the time.
4. You can put reader even on the google homepage

Why is it bad?
1. Some bloggers give stuff away based on who subscribes. I see all their stuff but won't be a feedblitz subscriber...bummer.

I will still have a subscribe link on my blog but I'm tellin' ya, if you subscribe to lots of blogs this is much more convenient. To try it out, click here.

Have a great day! See you soon. (I do have cards to post...yay!)

March 18, 2007

It's over...

It seems unbelievable that I head back to school tomorrow. It was such a wonderful week off. I don't think I have ever really taken a break during Spring Break. I always hurry up and cram something in. Well, it was nice to relax. Now that Zoe is here there was no sleeping in but I still managed! The end of the week was the most relaxing of all. I headed to get a massage Saturday morning but found out there had been a scheduling error and I had to reschedule. So, I went to Wal-Mart to do the weekly shopping instead. Big bummer. But, when I came home Brett helped me put away groceries and sent me off to take a bubble bath. He is so great, right? I sure think so. Saturday we just hung out...our little family. Then today I did get that massage and it was great. Our neighbor watched the baby for a couple hours and we went out to dinner and had a nice date before the craziness of the week starts up again tomorrow. It was a great weekend. Tonight as she drank her little bottle and I held her as she was falling asleep I had tears because she is just so amazing. I don't know that I could imagine what it would be like to love so much.

Although I didn't stamp this weekend I did make some cards last Friday with the "So Very" set from the SU mini catalog. I also used the swirl from "Delight in Life" and I think that might be the most useful stamp in that set. I love it! I tried some different layouts than what I am used to. The paper is from The Color Block Mat Stack by DCWV and I embossed it with my cuttlebug. The tags are from the cuttlebug "tiny tags" die cut. The flowers are the Primas I won as blog candy from Lu-La's corner. Overall I liked the cards. The jury is still out about the happy birthday one. It looked great in my mind with those little words hanging off the edge but I wasn't so sure when it was finished. What do you think? But, it was really fun to make so many cards this week. We are plannning to move my craft room location for awhile since the guestroom/craftroom is being occupied by a guest for a few months. Hopefully if it is more accessable I will get more done! I used to be good about sending cards to my family but haven't been lately. I would like to get back on track with that. So have a great week and see you soon!

March 16, 2007

Delight in Life

I can not believe it is Thursday already! Where is this week going? It seriously feels like I just started this break and now it is closer to over! I haven't gone to the museum with Zoe or to the new Archiver's or cleaned under my sink, or gone to the laundry mat to wash the king size blanket or.....Oh Yeah, this is a BREAK!

That was just a little example of my brain and the message it repeats every few hours that I am home. Isn't it nuts? What is it about us that thinks we can't just chill out? Well, maybe it isn't "us" I am talking about and just me but man I have a really hard time no getting consumed with my To Do list. But, I have a hard time balancing. If I lean too far to the relaxing mode my house becomes so full of little piles of things that I don't even want to face it. I guess it is finding that balance that is the trick. I keep thinking that will happen when I get older...uh well Amy, You Are Older!! So, maybe it will happen when I get A Lot older! Hee hee!

Today had a spiritual lesson for me too. **Be sure Zoe gets good naps or you'll regret it!** Oh, that was a lesson for today but not the spiritual one! Tonight we had our small group Bible Talk and Brett shared a great scripture (actually my favorite scripture) Proverbs 3:5-6. But, we read it from the Message bible and it had a new impact for me. It says to trust God with my whole heart and not to try to figure it out on my own. Well, imagine that. Another scripture about trust and just following God's path, not my own. I guess I am getting the picture little by little!

Today I wanted to work with the Delight in Life set and I had this paper that I got in a kind of grab bag at Big Lots. I am not sure who makes the paper...maybe K and Company? But, I made 3 cards on the same theme. The patterned paper is a 12x12 that has 9 boxes on it. I just cut them out and made some square cards. I didn't like the orange at all at first but now I like it a lot better once I finished it up. After I had this made I thought about Wednesday at church and my friend Caroline was telling me to be happy and just look at the blessings in my loving husband, my beautiful daughter, my home, a job I enjoy. I guess there is a lot that I can truly delight in so this card was a good little sentiment for my week.

ETA: The dashes on the card are part of the patterned paper that looks like material with stitching. The paper was 12x12 and had 9 4x4 squares on it. I just cut out the squares.

See you soon!

March 14, 2007

Another day at Home

Well today, Ms. Fancy Pants (literally) and I had a fun day playing and laughing, napping and eating. She is such a joy and it is great to spend the day with her. She is almost always so happy and smiley. It is amazing what it feels like to see her just look up at me an grin just because she knows I'm there with her. Just because she is secure that she is taken care of.
During one of her little naps I decided to revisit the stamp I worked with yesterday because I wasn't in love with the card. I had gotten the stampendous "Montage Bouquet" stamp for my birthday and wanted to use it and came up with this card. I liked it so much better. It was really fun. I used liquid applique to puff up some detail on the flowers. I used miscellaneous ribbons for the top. I am a sucker for brown and pink and liked the color combo too. I used the SU markers to color the word and they are nice. Bernardine had WON some and I was so jealous. What lucky duck! I have used them before but have been too cheap to buy the whole set. I always just say I'll use blender pens and my ink and that will do, but, I now see I'd rather have the markers. If I decide to take the plunge and be a demo I'll have to get them.
This week was Women's Midweek at church and that was very encouraging. My friend Kristy lead the lesson about having gentle and quiet spirit and I don't know anyone that could have done it better. She had some great things to share. I have been really wack-o lately with my emotions and it was good to be around the women. I am not sure what is going on with me. With Zoe turning one and being weaned to milk was hard on me I think. Having the moms here was great but it is always hard when they go. But, I know these mood swings can't be all about that so I am looking in to it. Until then Brett will be on his toes and I should wear a sign, "Warning, may burst into tears any moment!" This week I am still trying to not feel guilty about the things I could be doing. But, I am taking care of me this week and hanging out with my baby and what could be a higher priority? Nothing I guess. As I was spewing all of my stressed out ideas onto Brett he showed me Psalm 46:10, "Be still and know that I am God." I need to do that more often. I have a difficult time with the "being still" part. So, these words that keep coming up that challenge me are gentle, quiet, still, trust. Hmmm, now that is some food for thought about my character! I guess I need to be more like Ms. Fancy Pants and just know I am taken care of and God is near. Maybe I should just look up and grin!
See you soon!

March 13, 2007

The Break is Underway!

Well, Spring Break is underway. I am feeling a pull between all the things I can get done and really taking a break. Monday I took my mom-in-law to the airport and that was hard. After having her and my mom here for over a week it was so hard to say goodbye. I long to be closer to family. So, to cope, Zoe and I went shopping at JoAnne’s and Micheal’s. It was great fun to look around but we didn’t buy much. Tuesday the two ladies that first introduced me to stamping came over. Evie, Bernardine and I had such fun playing with our rubber toys and some cool new punches that Berardine had.

For our time I wanted to use this “Friends” stamp I’d had for awhile. I really love it but hadn’t known what to do with it. A while back I’d gotten a card in a swap that was a pull up card. I had liked it and wanted to use the layout. I have no idea who made the card but the swap was through Stampin’ Up Friends, a Yahoo group. But, mine did not turn out quite as well as I’d hoped. That is a tricky way to make a card! I don’t know that I will try to do it again. But, I really love the stamp and want to do something else with it.

March 8, 2007

The Party was Fabulous and It's Spring Break!!!

Well, the party went so well for Zoe's first birthday. There were ladybugs everywhere, real and decorated, and we had a full house. My mom and Brett's mom were both here. My cousins Andy and Kasi and her son Chase came from Dallas. There were at least 20 adults here for the party and lots of kids. We tried to make some great theme appropriate food but the most amazing food item was the cake. It was made by my fabulous friend Sarah. She has a business, Let There Be Cake, and I felt so lucky that she was willing to do a cake for me! I hardly wanted to cut it because it was so amazing.

We had some crafts for the older kids and LOTS of presents to open. Zoe has quite the Spring and Summer wardrobe to look forward to. She got the cutest dresses. She also got some really cool toys. A push/ride toy, stuffed friends, lots of great books, her first real babies (twins), counting maracas, a top, her first piggy bank and a college saving account. It was quite a day! I sent kids home with goody bags and a jar ladybugs and the moms got a notepad that I made. Overall I could not have done one thing without the amazing help from Brett the past few weeks and the hard work that our moms and my cousin Kasi pitched in while they were here. I will need a whole year just to recuperate and try to decide if I can do this again! If you'd like to see more pictures you can see our album at Kodak. Be prepared...there are like a 100 of them!

Spring Break is this week and I can't wait to do some stampin' and get some special 'mommy time' in with Zoe. Brett and I are hoping to have a special date while his mom is still here this weekend...I am finding it challenging to manage the balance of putting the marriage in front of raising kids but I know it is the way it must be done. I committed to praying for Brett everyday this month and that has been great. If you are interested in praying for your man let me know and I'll send you the document. Anywho...I have been longing for some time away from work and I have stampin' friends coming over and a trip to the children's museum planned and That's IT!
lots of love --- Amy

Goodies in the mail!

Last week I received some special things in the mail and I wanted to just post a couple of Thank You's. Asela from Hop Art Studios sent me a really cute card for my birthday. I was very encouraged. I need to get one of those giga punches or ask cuttlebug to make a die that big.

Second I received the blog candy from Laura at Lu-La's corner in the mail last week. I got a dainty little jar of prima flowers and some flower brads that match perfectly. That was fun. I am longing for Spring Break so I have some time to make some cards and use them. I appreciate your generosity Laura. I officically have had 300 visitors so maybe I need to give something away myself!