February 9, 2007

A first time for everything!

Yay! My first post on my new blog. I am at work and only have a couple of pictures on my computer but I wanted to put something on here so it didn't look so empty! This one is from a Christmas Party in 2005. What better way to start than with me and the love of my life?!?

Zoe is going to be ONE! Amazing. Party planning is underway and we are so excited for out ladybug party! I finished up her invitations last night and need to get them mailed. Brett was so helpful getting them done. I am glad I made them myself. I'll post a picture of them soon.

Finally a slow weekend. We have had something going on every weekend for weeks. I'm not working Saturday school tomorrow and we have no plans. How wonderful. We might even try to see a movie!


  1. Hi, Amy! Tami from your card group. Just wanted to say that I checked out your blog. Good job!

  2. Love your new blog site!! And that picture, red hair looks butaful on ya babe!! Great shot of you two. You'll have to take more of you guys real soon. Do you mind if I get a print, I need to update my pictures around the old casa. Can't wait to see some stampin' stuff or some of those great pics of you've been sending. Have a wonderful relaxing weekend. Deb

  3. Amy, this is great! I love getting the pictures of Zoe from you. I subscribed to your blog, so I will get all your updates. I just wanted to say HI. Have a great weekend! Love, Jonie