February 18, 2007

Surprise I made a card and "Surprise!"

I finally made something! I have been busy and rarely have time to get "fun stuff" done. A friend gave me this nest stamp from Serendipity Stamps and I used Stampin' Up papers. I liked the card but I think if I had my cuttlebug embossing folders already then I would have embossed the green piece of paper. Anyway, I wanted to post something new that I created.

I also have a birthday story. Yesterday Brett arranged babysitting and were going to go to and early movie and then to a nice restaurant inside the downtown aquarium. This was perfect because I told Brett I just wanted a nice dinner for my birthday. Well, Brett, who often is frustrated that I am late, was like molasses getting out of the house. So we get to my friend Laurie's, she was going to keep Zoe. At their house Brett says, you take her in, I don't want to get to get sucked into a conversation. I was like, "what? I can't carry everything". So as I started toward the door he grabbed some blankets and came behind me. At the door, of course you can guess what's coming, there is a big crowd that shouts "Surprise!!" I was so amazed and touched and moved to tears and Zoe was startled and moved to tears too!! I am not easily surprised and so this was such success for Brett and those that helped him plan it. My friend Sarah made a beautiful cake and I ate it (Even though it was 12 points on my weight watchers plan).

We still headed to the aquarium and it was wonderful and he even treated me to a romantic carriage ride. Wowsers, what a wonderful birthday!


  1. Nice card...love that image! Happy Birthday!

  2. aaaaawwww. That is such a sweet story! I love romance WITH surprises! and that's a perty card!

  3. Amy e-mail your "Use it Up" card creation to balvanzfamily AT yahoo.com

    The prize pack has grown so enter TODAY beacuse it ends tonight!!

    It doesn't have to be fancy, it just has to use up supply!

  4. cute card Amy! thanks for visiting my blog and leaving me the sweet comment. you can email me at scrapstampindiva@yahoo.com :)