February 12, 2007

Maybe She'll be Famous

So Zoe loves my cards. Isn't that funny? I had a basket of cards I've made or gotten in swaps and she just sat right down and started taking them out one by one. She looked at them and tossed them aside. Some were qualified for a taste test but not many of course. I know she was looking because one time she took out a plain piece of paper I had in there dividing some cards and she flipped it over and over again looking for the picture. I had to laugh at her but it was so sweet.

The same night I took this picture I had told Brett that it would be so cool when Zoe was old enough to craft with me! I told him I'd be sad if she didn't want to. Not much later she was critiquing my work. Don't laugh at her messy clothes, this was an after dinner experience. Since then she has been funny. I have been working every night for the past week on something - invitations for the party, envelopes for the party, adult gifts for the party, tags for the loot bags - yep, for the party. And all the time she comes up to my little TV tray I am working at and grabs something quick off of it to examine. Her favorite have been to chew on the wood mounted stamps (I think she is getting a couple new teeth) and to steal paper to crumple and chew. So, maybe she will want to make something someday. I think it is too soon to tell! :)


  1. Omigosh!! She is soooo cute!! What a picture to treasure! Start 'em out young... LOL

  2. She's adorable! She'll be stamping with ya in no time! :) PS. You won the Valenine RAK over on my blog! Just send me your address and I'll get it out to you!