February 28, 2007

It's almost party time!

I have been so busy! How does it all spin out of control so fast? I knew I would need plenty of time to get Zoe's birthday party ready and I started weeks ago. But the panic has set in and some of my wonderful ideas are not making the cut! I have huge ladybugs to make and cookie bouquets to make and antennae boppers to finish and food to make. OH My Goodness! And...the live ladybugs arrived today and that is the creepy-est thing ever! I small container with over a thousand crawling bugs. It is just bizarre. I have no idea how to transfer them into the babyfood jars that are going home with the guests. This really sounded like a good idea at first. The big day is Saturday and I have a mixture of excitement and fear. I still don't know if all the plans I have will get done. My mom flew in today and she will help so much the next couple days. I am so glad she is here. This is a picture of the tag I made for the loot bags. I used the bug from the "Very Punny" set and used a watercolor brush. I stamped "make a wish" on the other side.
Last weekend I also made some cards! I couldn't believe I made time to make some but I did and I was so excited. I just had to have a break from party planning. The floral card is one of the most favorite cards I have ever made. I used my cuttlebug, patterned paper, a non-traditional fold, and some 3-D white paint. I really was happy with how it turned out. I made several and it has been fun to give them out. The dress and cake card also used my cuttlebug for the background and I used colored pencils. I am new with my word window punch. I feel like these could have used something more but overall I was satisfied.
So, I'll be in touch after the party and we'll see how it goes. Wish us a great day with happy babies, good cake and lots of wonderful memories - after all, I keep telling myself, that is the point.


  1. I just love your new cards. And love, love, love the texture the cuttlebug added to them. Adorable!!

  2. angelastreasuresMar 3, 2007, 12:34:00 PM

    Good luck with your party! I have the "very punny" set too, but have not found time to use it yet. I love looking at all your cards! Thanks for the ideas!

  3. Love your card with the three flowers!