February 28, 2007

It's almost party time!

I have been so busy! How does it all spin out of control so fast? I knew I would need plenty of time to get Zoe's birthday party ready and I started weeks ago. But the panic has set in and some of my wonderful ideas are not making the cut! I have huge ladybugs to make and cookie bouquets to make and antennae boppers to finish and food to make. OH My Goodness! And...the live ladybugs arrived today and that is the creepy-est thing ever! I small container with over a thousand crawling bugs. It is just bizarre. I have no idea how to transfer them into the babyfood jars that are going home with the guests. This really sounded like a good idea at first. The big day is Saturday and I have a mixture of excitement and fear. I still don't know if all the plans I have will get done. My mom flew in today and she will help so much the next couple days. I am so glad she is here. This is a picture of the tag I made for the loot bags. I used the bug from the "Very Punny" set and used a watercolor brush. I stamped "make a wish" on the other side.
Last weekend I also made some cards! I couldn't believe I made time to make some but I did and I was so excited. I just had to have a break from party planning. The floral card is one of the most favorite cards I have ever made. I used my cuttlebug, patterned paper, a non-traditional fold, and some 3-D white paint. I really was happy with how it turned out. I made several and it has been fun to give them out. The dress and cake card also used my cuttlebug for the background and I used colored pencils. I am new with my word window punch. I feel like these could have used something more but overall I was satisfied.
So, I'll be in touch after the party and we'll see how it goes. Wish us a great day with happy babies, good cake and lots of wonderful memories - after all, I keep telling myself, that is the point.

February 22, 2007

Just Checkin' In

I am so tired and I must go to bed but I wanted to just make a quick post. I didn't make this card today but I did make it and the sentiment applies. It is made with stampin' up stamps. I couldn't resist this set when I saw it for some reason.
I have been having so much fun looking at other blogs and I even won a a prize for my snooping. I won 'blog candy'. To my friends that are new to blogs that is when someone gives away something just for posting comments to their blog. I won some very cool flowers and brads from Lu-La's corner and I am really excited to get them! You can see what I am getting by clicking her name. Her work is absolutely beautiful and creative.

I have been really wanting to craft but we have had somehting going on EVERY night this week. It is TOO much!! But, I got some embossing folder for my new cuttlebug and that is something to look forward to. The countdown is 8 days until Zoe's party and my list is so long and I have made no progress this week. Not to worry right? It will all get done.

My real birthday was really nice. I played Bunco with the girls and my friend Laurie treated me to a pedicure. I got a box in the mail from my mom with a cool purse, a wonderful candle and some "necessities" that I asked for. I was fun to open. My week at school has been challenging and I am ready for the weekend. Zoe has been invited to 2 parties this weekend. I feel bad but there is no way to make both. I don't know what to do. But I know it will all work out. I must go to bed now. I hope you have a happy Friday!

February 18, 2007

Surprise I made a card and "Surprise!"

I finally made something! I have been busy and rarely have time to get "fun stuff" done. A friend gave me this nest stamp from Serendipity Stamps and I used Stampin' Up papers. I liked the card but I think if I had my cuttlebug embossing folders already then I would have embossed the green piece of paper. Anyway, I wanted to post something new that I created.

I also have a birthday story. Yesterday Brett arranged babysitting and were going to go to and early movie and then to a nice restaurant inside the downtown aquarium. This was perfect because I told Brett I just wanted a nice dinner for my birthday. Well, Brett, who often is frustrated that I am late, was like molasses getting out of the house. So we get to my friend Laurie's, she was going to keep Zoe. At their house Brett says, you take her in, I don't want to get to get sucked into a conversation. I was like, "what? I can't carry everything". So as I started toward the door he grabbed some blankets and came behind me. At the door, of course you can guess what's coming, there is a big crowd that shouts "Surprise!!" I was so amazed and touched and moved to tears and Zoe was startled and moved to tears too!! I am not easily surprised and so this was such success for Brett and those that helped him plan it. My friend Sarah made a beautiful cake and I ate it (Even though it was 12 points on my weight watchers plan).

We still headed to the aquarium and it was wonderful and he even treated me to a romantic carriage ride. Wowsers, what a wonderful birthday!

February 16, 2007

Blessings in the Mail

Well my birthday is next week and I have gotten so many cards from strangers! It is really a nice thing to know someone is willing to take their precious stamping time and make something for me. Some of my cards are from "stampin' up friends" and others are from "Card Making International", both yahoo groups that I belong to. The cards are in the slide show on the left. One of the pictures are the beautiful roses that Brett gave me for Valentine's Day. If you haven't heard me rave about my husband just wait. He is awesome and wonderful in fact....

My hubby got me a Cuttlebug for my BD and I am sooooo soooo excited to use it. Why doesn't it come with at least one die? Who knows. I have already ordered some and hopefully will get to make something with it soon. I have seen so many amazing examples of what is being done with it.

February 12, 2007

Maybe She'll be Famous

So Zoe loves my cards. Isn't that funny? I had a basket of cards I've made or gotten in swaps and she just sat right down and started taking them out one by one. She looked at them and tossed them aside. Some were qualified for a taste test but not many of course. I know she was looking because one time she took out a plain piece of paper I had in there dividing some cards and she flipped it over and over again looking for the picture. I had to laugh at her but it was so sweet.

The same night I took this picture I had told Brett that it would be so cool when Zoe was old enough to craft with me! I told him I'd be sad if she didn't want to. Not much later she was critiquing my work. Don't laugh at her messy clothes, this was an after dinner experience. Since then she has been funny. I have been working every night for the past week on something - invitations for the party, envelopes for the party, adult gifts for the party, tags for the loot bags - yep, for the party. And all the time she comes up to my little TV tray I am working at and grabs something quick off of it to examine. Her favorite have been to chew on the wood mounted stamps (I think she is getting a couple new teeth) and to steal paper to crumple and chew. So, maybe she will want to make something someday. I think it is too soon to tell! :)

February 10, 2007

A ladybug Celebration

Now, if you are expecting an invitation I don't want to spoil your fun but I wanted to show a picture of the invitations I made for Zoe's first birthday. I had some help from my friends during the super bowl cutting and making the lady bugs and that was so helpful. I stamped the flowers with a stampin' up stamp and then used a craft sponge to make the grass and sky. I used some ribbon from Michaels to tie the bow. I even stamped the outside of the envelope.

Inside the card says: "Our little lady is turning one! Come and Celebrate with some ladybug fun! ***Fly on by on March 3 and Land at Zoe's Garden** Give us a buzz if you can come** "
I'm so excited for this party!!! 20 dys to get it all together...what am I doing on the computer? I have work to do!

February 9, 2007

blooming with joy

I made this birthday card for my sister in law. I really love dress stamps...I just can't resist them. I have another on the way from Stampin' Up and I can't wait to get it. I have been inspired lately by some really amazing cards and can't wait to get some free time to stamp in my little crafter's closet. I need to get a picture of that space on here! The whole reason I decided to do this was because of Asela and her page. I will put the birthday party invitations up soon too. I am really proud of them. Well, I wasn't going to post twice today but I was so excited about this blogging stuff and now I think I'll be addicted!! Have a happy weekend.

A first time for everything!

Yay! My first post on my new blog. I am at work and only have a couple of pictures on my computer but I wanted to put something on here so it didn't look so empty! This one is from a Christmas Party in 2005. What better way to start than with me and the love of my life?!?

Zoe is going to be ONE! Amazing. Party planning is underway and we are so excited for out ladybug party! I finished up her invitations last night and need to get them mailed. Brett was so helpful getting them done. I am glad I made them myself. I'll post a picture of them soon.

Finally a slow weekend. We have had something going on every weekend for weeks. I'm not working Saturday school tomorrow and we have no plans. How wonderful. We might even try to see a movie!