December 29, 2007

So many cookies - not so much stamping

Each year that I have lived in Houston my friend Jenn has invited me to a cookie exchange. It is a highlight of my holiday preperation. I make 9 dozen cookies and so do the other 8 gals and then we meet over at Jenn's and exchange our dozens. So for my one type that I take I get to bring home 8 different kinds. It was a great way to fill out cookie trays for work and gifts. Jenn always has great snacks for us and door prizes. She is a fabulous hostess.

I was disappointed with my cookies this year. On the cover of the Kraft Food and Family Magazine I saw the cutest candy cane cookies and knew I wanted to make them. Well, they didn't turn out so well. I only made about one dozen look like the candy cane and then the dough was too warm or soft to keep doing that. It was already late so I just made round cookies. They were good but they weren't awesome.
But, the event was fun and I wanted to share the pictures! You can see that we bring the cookies in fun containers that can usually be re-used. I brought the striped boxes. (I ordered them from OTC). I loved the little round containers. They had the best peanut butter crispy bars ever inside them.

Jenn's santa's hat merengue cookies were so good and very, very cute. She is incredibly clever. She had to make 2 types of cookies because of a last minute cancellation. She made peanut butter blossoms (the ones with the kiss on them) too. So yes, she made 18 dozen cookies. And merengue cookies have to cool for a few hours IN THE OVEN. This was a huge process for her. I want to be like her when I grow up. :)

Look at all the biscotti! Wow huh?
I loved the star boxes too. They had Mexican wedding cookies in them. (I know they have a better name but I am not sure what it is.) Here is our happy little group. We look ready to go home and sample the goods!If you don't get the KRAFT magazine it is free and comes 4 or 5 times a year. It is great and has easy and good ideas for meals. I usually try several things out of it each time it comes.

Oh, she wasn't part of the cookie exchange but she sure is a cute little cookie. We went the same afternoon to an ice skating social for the Spanish National Honor Society. (I am the sponsor). Zoe and Brett came along and she loved showing off her hat (pronounced "at" by Zoe) and her gloves. She had her first ice skating experience. Well, daddy skated and she slid on her shoes until the skate guard kicked 'em out. They didn't have skates in her size!

More coming soon!! Thanks for checking in, Lots of Love!

Preteen craft night

One of my friends has preteen daughters. I try not to even pretend to face the fact that I will be in this situation someday. Well, my friend likes to get her daughter and some of the other preteens from church together monthly to do a fun activity and tie it in with something spiritual. Well, she asked me to come and help her this month. She asked the girls to bring a picture that was special to them. She asked me to help them make an 8x10 scrapbook type page that could be framed. The didn't have to write on it but could. She shared a lesson about family and it really was a great eveing. I was only there for a bit but the girls had a fun slumber party. Here are a couple of pictures of the event. We got messy but they were very creative. I showed them a couple of examples and they really did some great stuff.

December 28, 2007

Christmas memories and a Yule Log

I have this great idea to make a scrapbook of just Christmases. (Is that a word?) Brett and I have had 4 together since we've been married so it won't be too tough to get started now. Easier than waiting until we've had 40 together! I have the book and a little collection of holiday paper and embellishements but I just haven't done it yet. So, here are some great memories from this year as we prepared for the holidays.

This is Zoe helping mommy decorate the tree. Christmas was so much fun with her this year. It just seemed like she "got it". She opened presents and actually liked the gift inside and everytime she saw a nativity she told me about the baby Jesus. (Well sometimes it was Jesus and sometimes it was just a baby - depended on her mood I guess.)
Isn't this the cutest little Christmas hand ever?She is just so sweet. (Usually)
Ooops! Our first Christmas Fatality. This ornament was lovingly purchased on our honeymoon cruise Christmas Eve in Key West. It was nice. It did shatter with a nice little tinkle. Zoe quickly began saying uh-oh, uh-oh. I thought the breakable ornaments were high on the tree. I guess I missed one. Oh well. The tree turned out nice. But, after cleaning up today, remind me not to get a real one next year!
I was in a recipe swap for split coast stampers and we had to make 6x6 recipe cards for an A-Z swap. I was the last one to sign up (my friend talked me into it) and I got Y! The recipe had to be from a food network chef. This was really quite challenging just to find a recipe. I did find a Yule Log by Emeril. I wasn't even sure I knew what a Yule Log was!! But, I didn't want to just make the card and not try the recipe. Let me tell you, it was AWESOME! This picture here is just half the log. It is a sponge cake rolled up with homemade coconut pecan frosting insdie and covered in chocolate ganache. WOW! It was so delicious. If you are interested in making one let me know and I'll email you the recipe.

A Blogging Resolution?

Well, I've been out. (Obviously). I was so busy before school let out and then we headed immediately for Illinois to celebrate Christmas. When I went to check my google reader I had over 800 posts to read on my google reader!! Everyone had been busy blogging but me! But here I am and I really hope to turn over a new blogging leaf and make a resolution to use this more. I sometimes feel pressure to post because other crafters post every day. Well, that is kind of silly. This is a blog for me. I journal of sorts that I choose to share with others. I have so many things I get behind in. I can't feel guilty about a blog!!! Now the laundry and the dishes maybe. You know what my daydream was today? To have the house totally clean and everything in place and to be alone for a couple of days to be able to be online or craft or read or do puzzles or whatever with no nagging feeling over my shoulder that there is SO much to be done. I know that I create so much of this stress myself. I actually feel it physically. Isn't that crazy? Anyway, I still am not sure why I am even typing all this! I started out wanting to post some of the picutres I had promised. I guess I'll do that now! Stay tuned for a few minutes!!

December 5, 2007

So much to post!!

I have so much to post!! I know, I know, I shouldn't put it off. But I do. This weekend Brett will be hiking so I'll be able to get some time here and there to get it done.

There is a great contest right now from Parents magazine. You can enter here for the prize pack on the 5 Minutes for Mom blog. That is a great blog if you don't already check in on it you should from time to time.

So, what can you expect to see from me soon?
1. Pictures from a stamp class I visited.
2. Pictures from our own stamp class this past week
3. Pictures of my recipe card swap from SCS
4. Pictures of my first YULE LOG
5. Pictures of my Zoe bug decorating the tree

So, check back soon if you have a chance. Thanks so much! See you soon!

November 28, 2007

Leslie had Candy and I will soon!

Leslie is giving away some great blog candy. Check it out. LESLIE'S CANDY

I won some "pay it forward" blog candy from Traci and I will be giving it away soon. I want to find something great to give you to celebrate my first blog candy.

Okay, pictures of great projects coming soon!

November 21, 2007

I obviously haven't been blogging!!

Well, I just haven't been blogging. But, I have been busy. I did a craft show and it was very successful. That was so fun. I made a ton of sales. I sold cards, big canister jars with a ribbon and stamped label on them, ceramic tiles for coasters and framed stamped art. It was my first show and it went well.

But, I haven't been on much and wanted to blog and post some pictures. School is going well. Better than the past couple year actually.

My mom is here in Houston for Thanksgiving. Her first time at my house for a holiday and it is great. It is only her second one away from her mama though. ;) We are having some other friends over that don't have family in town.

Well, here are a few pictures of what I've been up to!
I love the wanted set and the outlaw
paper from Stampin' Up. I have created some cards on my own and some are shamelessly copied. The sage happy birthday card is so popular with ladies that have come to classes. They are wonderful for masculine birthdays.

I have made more cards but realized I haven't taken many pictures. So, I'll do that and try to post a few more.

September 30, 2007

A few pictures

Here are a couple of pictures to start off. In August I signed up to be a demonstrator for Stampin' Up! I had a fabulous open house and had to take a picture of the boxes when they came! It has lead to a plethora of fabulous creations! (As I stated previously, most copied...oh well)
Here is a picture of Brett putting of peg board in the office. It was upstairs in my craft closet but I have graduated to a bigger space. Brett and I have our work space in the same room and it has been great. I need to send a completed picture of the area but it needs some cleaning up first. :)
These are some cards I made with the Garden Whimsy set. The first two are inspired by Beate Johns' blog Fresh and Fun Creations and the last one is from the SU catalog. I'll try to post more later. :) The note at the bottom is from Zoe. She enjoys typing too. See you soon!

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September 27, 2007

Miss me?

Hi! Okay, so I know it has been over a month since I have posted anything. With school starting I just definately haven't had this as a priority! But, I wanted to check in. I have been making lots of things lately, mostly just copying from all the talented bloggers out there! I feel bad about posting those things because I don't always know who to give the credit to. Sometimes I just save a picture and if there isn't a watermark on the photo then I can't remember where I got it.

So, I will post some pictures.

School is going great so far. Most of my classes are great. Only a few students here and there that give me a hard time.

My Stampin' Up business is going well. August was a fabulous month for me. The open house was great. September has been good too. I am expecting a great October. I have a stamp club and another demo and I are switching off every other month. October is my month and I also have a couple of workshops planned and a class. Busy!

Okay, pictures are coming! I promise. Maybe tomorrow. I am off of school. (County fair day...whoever heard of such a day off?)

See you soon!

August 18, 2007

I Did It! But I'm gonna need your help!

Well, today I joined Weight Watchers, again. In January Brett and I started together online and I lost 18 pounds by March. Then life just ran me over, I got discouraged and quit. Brett lost 20 and made his goal. I was so proud of him. He had never dieted before but marriage had added a little something to his middle and so he had an interesting lesson and feels like he can definately relate more to my struggle now.

So, today he went with me to a meeting in our area and I signed up. I am ready. I know I need to do this for my physical and mental health. But, oddly, I was depressed all day! I read and slept and crafted and moped around. But, I didn't go over my points and I am having the last of my water right now! I can do this! I should set a New Year's Resolution - but backwards! Set a goal of where I plan to be by New Year's Day! That is a little over 4 months. Hmmm....I'll pray about that.

What is everyone's weakness? I almost have to fast from sugar when I start a diet or I just want to cram in the sweet things. I also LOVE pizza. We are a pizza eatin' family...that's for sure!
So, wish me luck and ask how it is going every now and then. I could use your support. My first goal is 10% off and when I make that I'll be at pre-baby weight (I had lost 50 right before I got pregnant but have put some back on).

But, I did make cards too yesterday and today and here they are. This couldn't all be about me, me, me. Well I guess it can, it is my blog after all! :)

The green wild wasabi card is with the "you make me happy" set that didn't make the 2007 winter catalog. That didn't make me happy! And the sunflowers are from "Give Thanks", the same set the pumpkin was from in the previous post. I masked the flowers because it is just a single stem. I used the cropodile for the eyelets. I love that thing! I love eyelets but never set them because I hated the pounding, this is a great tool. I watercolored the sunflowers with a watercolor brush and watercolor paper. The paper is new for me, I usually just use regular paper but I really liked the difference. The ribbon charm was from big lots and says "inspiration". I chose it because I am a Kansas girl originally and love sunflowers. The green ribbon is from Doodlidoo. It perfectly matches the always artichoke paper.

Tonight I worked on some cute containers for my co-workers as we head back to school next week. I haven't finished them completely so I'll post later.
So, I'll see you later. Pray for those affected by Hurricane Dean and we'll keep an eye out for him here in Houston.
Love inked in Stazon......Amy

August 16, 2007

My first workshop!!

So, I am now a demonstrator for Stampin' Up! and I am really excited. I had my first open house this past weekend. I actually had two dates since summer is so busy. I had 8 crafters Saturday morning and 15 (!) on Tuesday night. I had such fun. I gave them a couple card ideas and they had a blast. I had a lot of first time stampers that gotten bitten by the bug! I was amazed at how creative the girls were. Lots of people came up with their own layouts and used other stamps and ribbons that were out and about. I sure wasn't that brave when I started!

So, here are the cards I demonstrated for make and takes:

Stamps: Give Thanks and baroque motifs by Stampin Up
Inks: Old Olive, Rose Red, sahara sand, Chocolate chip, garden green and pumpkin pie
Papers: Very Vanilla, certainly celery, chocolate chip, close to cocoa, pumpkin pie
Ribbon : certainly celery
tools: daubers, blender pens, post it note for masking, paper snips and dimensionals

This is what one of the Suzanna the first time stamper created (wow huh?):

The pink ribbon is from American Crafts

I loved her pink knot and she even showed me how but I'll have to have her show me again!

Here are some other things I had as examples and door prizes. The box uses baroque motifs and the card uses seeing spots.

Hope you can come next time!!

RAK from a friend

My friend Paula in Amarillo recently started making cards. I have seen a couple of her creations and she is off to a great start. She sent me this card a couple of weeks ago. I have been a bad blogger (or a slogger - a slacking blogger) and haven't been online much. My mom has been in town and I was getting ready for my first workshop. So, I am playing catch up today.

Here is Paula's card, isn't it so cute. I LOVE the bright cheery colors and the stamp she used.

August 2, 2007

I'm not a photographer but...

When we went to the Children's Museum a while back I took this picture of a purple passion flower. These are flowers that the Gulf Coast butterfly uses to lay eggs, gorge themselves as worms, make their chrysalis and become butterflies. I thought they were so unique and beautiful. Just wanted to share. :)

My mom comes today! (It is today now since I am up so late! I did go to bed but couldn't sleep!) I am excited. She'll be here 12 days.

I do have some cards to post but I need to do that later.

I have been working hard to plan my first workshop/open house. I am excited about it and made all the invitations yesterday. I have also been planning some activities for the next few months. A pre-order class, an October Birthday Card Bash and a November Christmas Camp. I am just hoping to come up with a stamp club. I feel scared about getting that going. It seems challenging but I know there are lots of crafty souls out there!

Anyway, I know this isn't too exciting of a post but I just wanted to send out an update!

See you soon!

July 29, 2007

What a girl needs...

So, what does Amy needs? I’ll tell you what the Top10 Google answers are and then I’ll tell you what I really need!

1.Amy need to either wake up or start getting some extra will power…(it went on to say “Amy is a vibrant woman with emotional and physical needs” I like the Vibrant part!)

2.Amy needs to contact her phone service and have her number listed so her adoring public may contact her. (Isn’t that fabulous? My adoring public?)

3.Psycho Amy needs help. (Hey, I resemble that remark...I mean resent that remark!)

4. Amy needs to get out the monkeysicle and do some tests on him and what not. (!?)

5. Amy needs some help drinking apparently. (according to the next one I need help NOT drinking!!)

6. Amy does need Rehab.

7. Amy needs a crash pad.

8. Amy needs a forever home. (I would like to settle permenantly)

9. Amy needs a new display name. ( Do I?)

10. Amy needs a break! (I have been having a great one!)

I had to post the next couple too…
11. Amy needs an Americano. (woah...not so fast)
12. Amy needs adult supervision. (only on occasion)
13. Amy needs to PEEEEEEE! (that is kinda true)

What do I really need?
1. I need to work on my classroom. I found out I have to move rooms and I am a teacher that keeps A LOT of stuff in her room!
2. I need to write lesson plans.
3. I need to plan my first open house/workshop as a new SU consultant!
4. I need to arrange my craft space since we have rearranged. (I think I am going to stamp on my peg board that holds my tools, won’t that be fun?)
5. I need to make a little plan of fun things to do while my mom is here for a WHOLE 2 WEEKS!
6. I need to make my husband feel like he hung the moon every day! (Why? Because he did!)
7. I need to go to the laundry matt to wash a big comforter.
8. I need to grocery shop.
9. I need to make a card of my own creation.
10. I need to finish at least two more months of Zoe’s first year scrapbook.

Okay, that is all for today. Maybe it was silly. I haven’t been feeling 100% and this was a fun entry for me. Tell me what you need. If you decide to do it leave a post here so I can find your list!

See you soon!

July 19, 2007

I "baroqued" it

Before I talk about stamping I have to talk about Zoe. I really miss her. I am so glad she is coming home tomorrow! I just want to hug her! I know she is having fun with gramma and her cousing Daniel especially. I still have about 30 days of summer left. I am so glad. My mom will be here for a couple weeks. What shall we do? I do need to plan a "coming out" workshop/open house for Stampin' Up! I also have to get ready for school to start. I haven't done anything school related in weeks! I found out I have to move classrooms again this year and that is a big bummer. It is such hard work but oh well. No sense in complaining about it right! Just look for the positive...I'll be closer to a bathroom and closer to the copier. Plus, I'll be near others in my department and those are all good things! Anyway, on to crafty things...

I know I am way cheesey but man, the titles are hard! I picked up my Baroque Motifs yesterday and was so excited. For weeks I have been saving pictures in a file of ideas for cards from other bloggers. As someone said yesterday, I am flourish challenged but I loved this set and wanted to be able to make some great cards. So, I started at the beginning of my idea pictures and cased Beate Fresh and Fun and Amber at Ramblings of a Sassy Stamper.

Paper - river rock, sky blue, chocolate chip, ruby red, whisper white, and not quite navy
Ink: - versamark, barely blue(retired), not quite navy, sahara sand and rose red
ribbon - unknown and American Crafts Uptown red

supplies - brads, paper piercer and mat, pop dots(big ones), marvy circle punch and paper snips

July 18, 2007

Must brag about my weekend

So, how would you like to shop in this Heidi Swapp room?

Or choose paper from this beautiful display!
Well, I got to! This shop is the By Design Scrapbook Boutique in Houston, Tx. It is really far from my house but I was down in the area and told my husband and out of town friends that we had to go to this store I'd seen online. (The guys just finished parasailing so of course they agreed!) The store is so beautiful and inspiring. I just loved looking at everything. There is a beatiful room for husband's to wait in and the room for cropping and classes would blow your mind. You can see the pictures if you click HERE. So, what did I buy? Not too much. I'm on a budget since I just bought my starter kit for stampin' up but I got some great Heidi Swapp chipboard (I really love her products and she has a new line coming out. You can see it on the By Design Blog), some cute green and red polka dot May Arts ribbon and some tags that go with my BasicGrey paper. All of these things were put in a white gift bag printed with black flourishes and stuffed with pink tissue paper. I felt like I just bought a huge supply of awesome things instead of my $7.50 worth! Anyway, if you are in the Clearlake area you should stop by. It is a truly inspiring store and I met the owner, Tracy, and she is so nice and kind, I'd make the drive just to visit with her again!
Here is our friend Johnny (or is it Brett?) Parasailing. They both really enjoyed it. We had a great time with our friends from Dallas. Welcome to 30 Trace and I'm so glad you came!

July 17, 2007

Happy Birthday Baby!

Well, tomorrow is Brett's birthday. With Zoe out of town we are going to see a couple of movies and go eat dinner. I miss her but spending time with Brett has sure been nice. He is really a wonderful husband and I'm not just saying that for his birthday. He loves me and makes me his princess. He works hard and is an amazing daddy. He is an incredible Man of God and is so knowledgeable about the Bible. He loves to read it and books about it. I love him so much and I know he is doing all he can to see our family get to Heaven.

We are having a little get together on Saturday for Brett. His mom, sister and nephew will be in town. They are bringing Zoe back! We are inviting friends to go and see a movie with us at a theater that serves dinner while you watch the movie. It is a fun place. We are going to see Harry Potter. These are the invitations I made. I got the layout from some one's blog. If it is you let me know. I'd love to give you credit!

I signed up to be a demonstrator for Stampin' Up and got my box yesterday. I felt scared to open it and haven't yet. I am going to do that as soon as I post this. Then I am going to plan an open house workshop.

I can't believe I posted two days in a row! I'll try again tomorrow!

July 16, 2007

Squished Pennies

I have had a squished penny collection for years. I decided I would start one for Zoe too. I actually found a penny book for a collection at the Zoo we went to in Decatur, Illinois last week while we were visiting. I had free time while at my mother in law's and worked on a scrapbook most of the time but decided to fix up the penny book for Zoe. I used basicgray papers from the "perhaps" collection. I also used some basicgray fuzzy green ric rac. The "Z" is a chipboard piece from the a little scrapbook place in Decatur called "2 Scrappy Cats". I loved looking around there. I haven't found a LSS near me yet. So, here are pictures of my little project. I am proud of it. The papers inside the book are removable so that I can make a note of when we went and who was there.
I'm glad to be home even though our trip was FABULOUS. Zoe is still in Illinois with Gramma until Friday. I am trying to keep busy. I have never been without her before. It is challenging. I know she probably could care less but it has been hard for me. I have lots of things to post and will have to get back to this. Right now I am headed out to play Bingo with my friend Jen. Maybe I'll win the big bucks!!

July 2, 2007

Amazing Blog Candy from Julie

I received an amazing box from Julie Brooks at paper blessings. I had won her blog birthday candy and she said it would be a surprise and boy was it!! I could not believe her generosity! I love Julie's blog. Her creativity amazes me. My favorite project of hers that I have seen in awhile is this Rolodex. I actually got a couple of them so I can make one. I am going to use some of the goodies from her box to make it beautiful. So what was in it?

My first ever Basic Grey paper - the "perhaps" line.

66 (yep, 66!) yards of ribbon! Her beautiful grosgrain, striped, and polka dot plus a Basic Grey assortment and an assortment of American Crafts.

2 Glitter Marker pens (silver and pink)

Mini primas
Thanks so much Julie! I love your blog and appreciate you faith and willingness to talk about it! I definately felt blessed by your Paper Blessings Blog! She also has a great store, Doodliedoo, and you can get any of these projects and more from her. Check her out!

Wonderful Friends

When I got home I had some wonderful mail! I got a RAK from my secret stamper from my stamper's 10 group. She used Gently Falling. I have that set but don't use it very often. I really like this though. The fiber and the purples are beautiful.

Then I also had a wonderful package from my friend Deborah at Turtle Chronicles. I have known her for real for years and she is an incredibly thoughtful person. She sent me 5 cards! 4 made with the new In Colors and new sets and wheels. She makes fabulous cards. She also sent me lots of ribbon segments, some primas in colors I don't have and some cool hardware. There were some cuttlebugged pieces as well. I don't have a cuttlebug alphabet and she sent me some letters too. Thanks so much Deb! You'll be a great demonstrator!!